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Why We Book Out So Far

Hello! It is us, your fabulous groomer's from Blissful Pet Grooming (aka BPG).

We have been so fortunate! Every day we grow, we get more popular, and now our books are filling to the brim!

With that being said, we get quite the influx of people asking if we are available today, tomorrow, this week. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the answer is most likely "no". At this time, we book out about a month in advance. And that window is quickly closing as most of our clients choose to be put on a repeat schedule automatically. Our cancellation list is about 200 people strong at any given moment. It is both a blessing and a curse! We are blessed to have the business, the loyalty from our clients, and the quality we have, but we are also cursed in the fact that we are limited to one van and an in-home salon.

Why do we book out so quickly, you ask?

Simple. We are good - no, wait - we are EXCEPTIONAL at what we do. We refuse to sacrifice quality in favor of quantity. And that will NEVER change. It is why we charge hourly and not a flat rate per dog with hidden de-matting fees or upgrades.

We don't say this out of pride or ego. We have worked excruciatingly hard to build our brand, to make it known for its care, quality, and love. We have sacrificed blood, sweat, and tears to make sure we build something we can be proud of. And our clients see that. They see the BPG difference, either in their dogs haircuts or overall personality after the grooms. We love, LOVE what we do and we are working every day to get better.

We hope that you get to experience this. We hope we make you proud and happy. We hope you can see our hard work paying off.

We are working hard to expand, but with expansion comes costs. And in honor of transparency, we simply don't have the funds to expand on the drop of a hat.

Some of the costs that go into expanding:

-A grooming salon: to convert a property or purchase land to build a property into a grooming salon easily hits over the $100k mark.

-Another van: The van's made for mobile grooming are about $115k.

-Getting another groomer: We evaluate all applicants rigorously. We have set a high standard and either need to teach someone to achieve that standard or find someone that meets that standard. Both take time and we are working every day to find more people passionate like us.

We have built this business from the ground up - other than the standard auto loan for the van, we have paid everything out of pocket. No business loans, no investors, nada.

That's not to say we don't have a plan. We have long term plans and goals and dreams. And they are in the works. But until they manifest, we are limited. Every day is a new day and new opportunity. We are quickly becoming the most popular grooming business in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Things will always work out as they should.

Until then, bear with us! You'll get to have the BPG experience soon! We promise!

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