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Additional Services

Here are some additional items we provide that are outside of our normal services.

Additional Services: About

Emergency Grooming

Recently skunked pup? Do you have a pet in dire need of our love and pampering, but we are booked out? Have a work schedule outside the normal 9-5 and need someone who is willing to work odd hours? Ask about our emergency services! It includes all of our normal grooming package pampering, but at an additional cost for occurring outside of our regularly scheduled hours. 

  • Case by case basis only

  • Only available to clients we have serviced before

  • Available as a 24/7 item.

PRICE: $150 per hour with an hour minimum

Consultation Services

Are you a new grooming business owner? Are you looking at becoming one but don't know where to start? Utilize us as a consultation service! We LOVE helping other small businesses out, and we LOVE networking with fellow grooming businesses even more! Your success means the care and safety of the pets in San Antonio, TX, and we want to help you! Cici Torres, owner of Blissful Pet Grooming, has helped several grooming businesses in San Antonio start and grow!

  • 24/7 contact information - call us anytime, for anything. 

  • Recommendations on products, services, and tools

  • Detailed overview of different scheduling systems

  • Comprehensive education about the grooming industry and what business owners should know.

  • Pre-written contracts and waivers for your business.

PRICE: Varies on needs 


New groomer? Wanting to shadow someone in the grooming industry with extensive experience, high quality, and have fun while doing it? Or are you just a regular pet owner trying to get a grasp on grooming to do maintenance at home? Ask about our apprenticeship program!

  • Shadow a groomer with 10 years of experience 

  • Learn basic grooming techniques that will allow you to maintain your pup at home SAFELY

  • Hands-on experience on learning to groom 

  • Learn what to look out for, and where the boundary stands on what an owner can do at home versus what should be left to a professional groomer

PRICE: Varies depending on needs

Collaboration / Networking

Are you a fellow grooming business owner? Or in the Animal Professional industry? Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the animal industry for a while, we would love to work with you! Be it for fundraisers, charity events, or just getting together to discuss referral options, we at Blissful Pet Grooming subscribe to the belief that networking is key to providing the best grooming experiences for all of the pets in San Antonio. Please feel free to reach out to us for any events or collaboration ideas you may have!

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