Meet The Team!

We work our hardest to maintain the highest standards in our grooming community, and our team is no exception. We hire those with a passion for grooming and an even bigger passion for high quality grooming. Our team is carefully selected and trained to be consistent with each other, so no matter what groomer comes to pamper your pup, they'll be in the care of excellent, highly trained, loving individuals.


Kristina Arocha


Grooming for nearly ten years, Kristina enjoys continuing her education daily with seminars, webinars, and closely monitoring the best of the best in the industry. She has a science-based approach to skin and coat issues. Kristina has three pups of her own and enjoys playing computer games during her free time.


Cici Torres


Cici has been grooming since May of 2012, travelling to different shops, from corporate stores to small brick and mortar business, to mobile, to house-call grooming. She's well-rounded with an endless supply of grooming tricks up her sleeve. Referred to as a "dog whisperer" among her clients, Cici works well with dogs that normally have anxiety in the grooming salon. Cici has five pups of her own and enjoys making videos on her Instagram and YouTube pages during her free time.


Jenni Cloud


Jenni has been in the industry for 11 years and counting! She's known as the "corgi lady" of San Antonio, and is a favorite among corgi owners for their grooming needs! Jenni has experience in managing both salon and mobile grooming facilities and continues her education regularly, attending seminars and webinars as often as she can. Jenni specializes in de-shedding services and is outstanding at haircuts as well! Jenni has two corgi pups and two cats and enjoys hanging out with her friends and pups in her free time.


Nohea Chadwick


Nohea has been grooming for over 7 years, with experience owning her own successful grooming business. She is trained in cat grooming and loves creative grooming, to include dye-ing dogs with washable colors or giving dogs fun and exciting haircuts. Nohea has a St. Bernard pup whom she adores and colors his tail purple. During her free time, Nohea loves going to car shows and spending time with her husband.


Ignacio Arocha

Scheduling Master

AKA, Kristina's husband! Ignacio is our scheduling coordinator and operations manager. He works closely with each groomer to ensure they have plenty of time to achieve the best possible grooming experiences while optimizing scheduling routes to make sure we stay on time and on top of our busy schedule! During his free time, Ignacio enjoys playing computer games and spending time with his wife.