About Our Services

Each service, just like each pet, is a unique experience. The pricing shown is only a starting point - pricing can and will increase based on additional information provided regarding your pet, to include (but not limited to) coat condition, temperament, and size.

To get a better understanding of how much services to your four-legged family member will cost, please contact us via text message at your convenience. We do not answer phone calls when we are with our furry clients.




Bath and Brush

This package includes: 

  • Bath 

  • Brush 

  • Blow dry 

  • Ear Cleaning / Plucking 

  • Nail Trimming and Grinding

  • Coat Conditioning 

  • De-shedding Services

  • Teeth Brushing 

  • Cologne 

PRICE: $1.42/min

  • 20lbs and under: $56.80 (40 mins)

  • 21-50lbs (short coat): $56.80 (40 mins) / (long or thick coat): $71.00 (50 mins) 

  • 51-80lbs (short coat): $71.00 (50 mins) / (long or thick coat): $85.00 (1 hour)

  • 81lbs and over (short coat): $85.00 (1 hour) / (long or thick coat): $99.40 (1 hr 10 mins) 


Bath and Haircut

This package includes everything in the bath and brush package as well as: 

  • Haircut based off of owners' preference as well as the health of the pet. 

PRICE: $85/hr

  • 10lbs and under: Minimum charge of $85.00 (1 hour) 

  • 11-25lbs: Minimum charge of $99.40 (1 hr 10 mins) 

  • 26-40lbs: Minimum charge of $106.50 (1 hr 15 mins) 

  • 41-55lbs: Minimum charge of $113.60 (1 hr 20 mins) 

  • 56-70lbs: Minimum charge of $127.80 (1 hr 30 mins) 

  • 71-85lbs: Minimum charge of $149.10 (1 hr 45 mins) 

  • 86lbs and over: Minimum charge of $170.40 (2 hours) 


  • This applies for requesting Cici and Jenni ONLY

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming 

This service includes: 

  • Bath 

  • Brush

  • Blow dry (based on temperament of cat) 

  • Haircut (based on temperament of cat) 

  • Nail trim 

  • Ear Cleaning 

PRICE: $105/hr ($1.75/min)

  • 45 minute minimum for baths only ($71.10)

  • 1 hour minimum for haircuts ($105)

  • Pricing is per cat 


Stand Alone Nail Service 

This package includes: 

  • Nail trimming and Grinding 


  • Starting at $20 if we are in area at time of requested service

  • Starting at $35 for services if we are not scheduled to be in area at time of requested service  

  • Additional $5 fee for excitable pets

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


We offer the following discounts for grooming packages ONLY (stand alone nail service NOT included): 

  • 10% off total cost for current or prior military members, first responders, nurses, doctors, and police officers