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Services and Fees

Each service, just like each pet, is a unique experience. The pricing shown is only a starting point and is the minimum we will charge - pricing can and will increase based on individual attributes of each pet, to include (but not limited to) coat condition, temperament, size, and actual groom time on the day of the appointment.

Every package is all-inclusive and includes a bath, brush out, blowout, deshedding service (as applicable), nail trim and grinding, ear cleaning, and paw pad/sanitary shave, as well as gland expression (upon request)

To get a better understanding of how much services to your furry family member will cost, please contact us via text message at your convenience. We do not answer phone calls.

Services and Pricing: About

Bath Package: Short Haired Pups

Bath Package: 
Long/Thick Coated Pups

Haircut Package
(All Pups) 

Cat Grooming

Stand-Alone Services and Fees

See Pricing

Requesting A Master Groomer

Services and Pricing: Services

Travel Fees

Please use this map to determine where your address falls within our travel fee zones. 
In order to assist our clients by saving them money on travel fees, we make every attempt to book all appointments in the same area on the same day so that we can discount travel fees. Ask about availability today!

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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


We offer the following discounts for grooming packages ONLY (stand alone nail service NOT included): 

  • 10% off total cost for current or prior military members, first responders, nurses, doctors, and police officers

Services and Pricing: Services
Services and Pricing: Text


By accepting services, you are confirming that you have read, understood, and agree to all our policies, procedures, waivers, and releases. 

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