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German Shepherd

Bath Package (Long/Thick Coated Pup)

Minimum Charges

  • 0-20lbs: $82.50 (55 mins)

  • 21-40lbs: $90.00 (60 mins) 

  • 41-55lbs: $105.00 (70 mins)

  • 56-70lbs: $120.00 (80 mins)

  • 71-85lbs: $135.00 (90 mins)

  • 86lbs and over: $150.00 (100 mins) 

To better understand if your pup would be considered short-haired or long/thick coated, please visit the breed list below.

Bath Package (Long/Thick Coated Pup): Service


By accepting services, you are confirming that you have read, understood, and agree to all our policies, procedures, waivers, and releases. 

Bath Package (Long/Thick Coated Pup): Text
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