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Common Questions

My pet is matted. Can you brush it out?

This is dependent on the severity of the matts. Matting occurs when the fur becomes impacted and tangled. We will do all we can to achieve an owners' preferred look, but if the matting is severe, we choose humanity over vanity. We will explain thoroughly what we are capable of doing regarding the matts and are happy to answer any questions or concerns!

My pet has been sprayed by a skunk! What can you do?

We will do all we can! The best thing to do is to contact us first - we try to be flexible in availability and for current clients, will happily make an after hours trip to start the de-skunking process. The number one rule? DON'T WET YOUR DOG! Skunk spray is tricky and needs to be handled a certain way in order to have the best chance at removing most of the odor. Text us for more information! 

What is the difference between house-call and mobile grooming?

House-call grooming is when the stylist works from inside the home, to include setting up their tools and table within the home. Mobile grooming is when the stylist works from a custom van that is designed as a mobile salon. Some pets do better with one or the other. Let us customize your pets' grooming experience to create the best, most relaxing spa day! 

Are you insured?

Yes! We are fully insured and licensed. 

What brand of products do you use?

With Blissful Pet Grooming, transparency is a priority. Quality is also top of our list, and our products have been chosen based on years of research and results. We mostly use the Best Shot brand, but depending on your pets' needs, we also occasionally use the brands Nootie, Best In Show, and Earth Bath. We customize every appointment by determining what your four-legged friends' skin and coat need and will advise you what products we think are best for your pet! 

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